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  Introduction to Webgrab

Previously, it was impossible to use external scripts and programs with phpCMS unless they were programmed in PHP.

With WebGrab that's all changed!

WebGrab simulates a web browser and retrieves data from an external program. The data is then parsed by phpCMS as usual. With WebGrab, it doesn't matter if the data was created by a PHP script, a Java servlet, a Perl script, or any other program.

But WebGrab can do even more: After the data has been retrieved from the external program, WebGrab can replace individual words or even complete blocks of text. This is done without affecting performance.

With WebGrab, phpCMS is no longer limited in what kind of external content it can use. Almost every application that can be accessed over the web can be integrated into phpCMS using WebGrab.

With WebGrab, your other applications can easily be integrated into phpCMS!

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